McAfee Antivirus Customer Service

McAfee Customer Service

About McAfee:

McAfee is an Antivirus program that is also known as Intel Security.That is Design And Developed By Intel Security  and it’s headquarters’s is in California.The company is established  in 1987 as McAfee Associates, named for its founder John McAfee, who resigned from the company in 1994.

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Support For McAfee Antivirus

If you Do not know how can you install McAfee antivirus, our  support geeks can help you install to McAfee antivirus ruining with out any problem. You do not need to worry, just dial our Mcafee Tecnical Support number to solve your problems. McAfee is the most advance antivirus program that scans your computer against viruses and trojans that are not easy one.

There are many tech geek is out there that is needless to say, but only very few technician’s  know about the real problem related with McAfee antivirus. But you do not need to worry about it, because we are there to help you. Our support guys  know about McAfee security system how it is operate. Our experts know how to restore PC if it is having lot many infection’s besides this; we  can also easily disinfect and decry pt your files, firewall notifications and all other messages.

The Most Basic Problems That People Generally Experience.
  • They are not able to Install, uninstall or repair issues.
  • Computer is start running slow after installing McAfee security
  • Sometime People Face Problem’s While Installing The Security.
  • After Installing The Product Computer Start Running Slow.
  • After Installing The Product Keeps Saying Reinstall It Again.
  • Error Message’s Start Coming After Installing The Product.
  • Windows Start Stop Running Updates
  • Antivirus Is Not Scanning The Computer.
Our services
  • We Help You To Install McAfee With Latest Virus Definitions And Updates.
  • We Help You To Register McAfee Antivirus Software With Latest Updates
  • We Help You To Install Or Uninstall McAfee Antivirus
  • We Help You To Update And Upgrade McAfee Antivrus
  • We Help You To Configure McAfee Antivirus Software
  • We Help You To Fix McAfee Security Issues On Any Device.
  • We Help You To Fix Operating System Related Problems
  • We Help You To Activate McAfee Product
  • We Help And Guide You To Manage McAfee Setup.

McAfee customer service reviews

Posted By Sasha @ McAfee Customer Service

I  bought several brands of Anti-Virus over the past many years and after  getting the  viruses and lot’s of problems in  couple times of by using different different antivirus. Then I start using McAfee antivirus then after I never face any single problem with this antivirus program in past 12 years.

I also have an mobile phone device that is also i want to cover and they provide me service for that also I am feeling very lucky.I am having lot many device’s at my home.I am using mobile phone, desktop’s,laptop’s and I was afraid for a security that can single handle my all devices without any problem then i found this antivirus and from past several of  years i am using it as well as as i am also telling my friends to use this antivirus because it is very good and useful product to have

The best thing is about this antivirus is it is cover Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 8.1  Windows 10, I’m covering 34 Windows 7 and 1 Windows 10  and I am very happy for the best quality  support coverage and next year I can get my subscriptions for everything all at once.

Thanks, McAfee!

Posted By Ron @ McAfee Customer Service

It’s great value for product i bought it for 3 pc’s when I need  customer support that is also very helpful , Now I am running this on my three computer’s all running good now.

Posted By Martha @ McAfee Customer Service

I downloaded a trial version of  Internet Security on windows 10 security.  I always scan my computer once a week or sometime small hours of every day. On  my each and every computer. I just want to tell you this is one of the best protection i have ever had, because it is always scan my computer once in a week. We also have custom scan option to scan computer that is I think wonderful I  just want to care  my computer so I always scan my computer in the night I am doing this things for couple of  years on many Windows computers and now my computer is running very fast that you will not believe. I just run the task then i sit relax it will automatic scan my computer in the mean while i can also listen the song, when it is start stop running scan i can find the problems but i dont need to nothing because it will automatic resolve my problem.



  1. McAfee Customer Service July 25, 2016 at 4:52 am

    I purchased dell computer last year and i have found that this protection software automatic comes with that computer with 30 days of trial i just start using that then i found this protection is good for me as my computer is new so i need to download couple of things for my own personal computer because of phishing always i was routed to bad website i know these website can steal my Identity what i found about this protection this is just not scanning my computer but when i visit any wrong website toolbar pop up this website is a phishing website then after i purchased security for one year so far this protection is working good for me i was looking for number then i found support link on this from there i purchased security for my computer.

  2. McAfee Customer Service July 25, 2016 at 5:11 am

    This is my second year so far i am happy with this software i never got any virus on my computer i can say life safe is the best product that i have ever used it comes with great price that anybody can afford I love this protection because this is protecting my computer’s for many years I have an notebook computer notebook generally comes with slow ram and memory but still this antivirus protection is working good on my computer before i was using norton security but the problem that i was facing with norton is that it makes my computer slow but i haven’t face any such problem with McAfee so far it is working good for me without making my computer speed slow down.

  3. McAfee Customer Service July 25, 2016 at 5:16 am

    I just want to know weather this software is working with windows 10 or not i just upgrade my windows 10 then i found my security disappeared can anybody tell me can i use this protection software on my win 10 because when i try to install then i got warring software is not compatible with my computer then i try to reinstall it back but still i am not able to use that is why i am asking can i use this protection for my win 10 computer if yes please tell me how can i install it back, Thanks

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