Mozilla Firefox Customer Service

Mozilla Firefox Customer Service

About Firefox Browser:

Firefox is free and open source web browser design and developed by Firefox.Firefox is providing browser solution’s for Windows, Mac,Linux, Android and for I-phone .You can also add free add on’s on Firefox browser to increase usability.Firefox is also providing bookmark and private browsing option to increase Security.

 General Problems in Mozilla Firefox:

If you are facing problem’s with Mozilla Firefox you can read our step by step guide to solve most common Firefox problem’s.

 ➡ Mozilla Firefox Update Problem

Mozilla Firefox update is free of cost but sometime there are some problem occur in Firefox only because of update.General problem occur when you upgrade your browser is that some time browser start giving you a problem while making a connection between website.

General Cause of this problem :

If you are not able to load your website after updating your browser then it can possible any plugin, antivirus program or any malware is stopping Firefox to connect with the internet.

 💡 How To Fix :

  • Try to Update your internet security that you are using.
  • If still problem is not resolve then reinstall your Firefox browser.

 ➡ Firefox is crashing or freezing

When your browser start crashing on you are you are pressing your keys nothing is working your computer mouse is rotating in a circle and if it freeze then follow these instruction to solve this problem.

General Cause of this problem

  • CPU Resource Memory is Full
  • Computer RAM is Slow or Full
  • Unresponsive java script or malware is running
  • Because of unwanted plugin’s
  • Browser is not Up to date

 💡 How To Fix This Problem

  • Check your computer resource memory from the task manger.
  • Check you used and total computer RAM.
  • Close Your Browser and Restart it again to kill java-scripts ( If still problem is not solved then reinstall your browser)
  • Remove All Unwanted plugin’s and toolbar’s from the firefox setting menu
  • Update your Firefox browser to its latest edition.

 ➡ Trouble Viewing the web page (Firefox Display Problem)

If you are not able to view your page correctly and webpages are large and blurry then you can read our solution tips to solve this problem.

 💡 How To Fix

  1. You Can Fix This Problem by using installing NoSquint and then after you can set your Firefox pages to 80% zoom.
  2. Open No squint settings from the Firefox plugin and then click on the add to Firefox.
  3. Under No Squint plugin click on the global setting options.
  4. Under Global setting option set zooming to 80%.

Tip: You can also uninstall and reinstall your Firefox browser to fix this problem.

 ➡ Not Able To Play Video in Firefox

If you are not able to play video’s in Firefox from your favorite channels such as Facebook, Google+, You Tube, CNN then probably your flash player is not working how can you fix this problem read our step by step guide to fix this problem.

 💡 How To Fix

  • Fix this problem by installing and check missing Plugin  Adobe Flash Player ( For Gaming,Video’s,animation’s,flash games etc)
  • Install Java Plugin ( Java Plugin is used for watch web content correctly)
  • Install Sliver-Light Plugin ( For Play Audio Files)
  • Install ShockWare ( For Audio And Video)
  • Install Any Media Player ( VLC, Windows Media Player, Real Player etc)
  • How to reach a live person:
    • Mozilla Does not offer and technical support over the phone you can find community support link below.
  • Mozilla Customer service link:
    • Click Here
  • Main Company URL:
    • Phone Number: Not Found

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