Internet Explorer Customer Service

Internet Explorer Customer Service

About Internet Explorer :

Internet Explorer is an Web Browser design and developed by Microsoft and it is commonly known as I.E  and it is a part of Microsoft windows system.Internet Explorer is the one of the most widely used browser in Windows Operating systems.

General Internet Explorer Problems And How To Fix Them :

  • Explorer is Not Updating
  • Explorer is crashing or freezing
  • Trouble Viewing the web page
  • 404 Errors can able to see web page
  • Explorer Display Problem
  • Video is Not Running
  • Can Not Able to see any picture
  • Virus Pop Up Problem

Internet Explorer Tip’s And Trick’s.

 How To Fix Internet Explorer Start Stop Working

Internet Explorer is a web browser sometime there are lot many problem’s can come that you can easily fix by reading our tutorial how to fix if Internet Explorer is Start Stop Working.

Step 1 : Open Internet Explorer Window.

Step 2 : Then Click On The Start From The Menu.

Step 3 : Then Go To Control Panel And Click On Internet Option’s.

Step 4 : Then Click On The Advance Tab and Then Click On The Reset Button.

Step 5 : Then Click On Close

Step 6 : Then Click On Ok

Step 7 : Restart Your Internet Explorer

That’s How You Can Easily Fix Internet Explorer Start Stop Working Problem’s If your problem won’t resolve you can contact Internet Explorer Customer Service.

How To Fix Internet Explorer Keeps Shutting Down.

If Your Internet Explorer is keeps shutting down you can easily fix this problem by reading our this tech tip how to fix if Internet Explorer is Keeps Shutting down.

General Cause Of This Problem

  • Any Plugin is stopping your Internet Explorer to run.
  • It can be because of any Malware or Trojan.
  • Because of some Internal Error’s.
  • It can be because the website that you are using is having excessive java function’s .

How To Fix This Problem :

Try To Open Your Internet Explorer is No Adds On Mode. If any Adds on or Plugin is causing this problem then it can be easily solve how can you Run Internet Explorer in Adds on Mode.

  1. Please Look At Your Computer Keyboard and then type “Windows Key + R” at the same time.
  2. Then One Run Window Will Pop Up.
  3. Then Type in Run Window iexplore –extoff  and then hit enter or click on ok.
  4. Now Open Your Internet Explorer in No Adds On Mode.

If your problem won’t resolved by doing so you can also restart your computer in Safe Mode with Networking and then check weather your Internet explorer is working or not. If your problem still won’t resolve you can contact internet explorer customer service and support number.


How To Remove Fake Warring and Pop Up Message’s in Internet Explorer

Now a days if you are getting lot’s of fake warring and pop up messages and all they are saying your computer got virus and malware please call on some number these can be a big scam that is generated by some scammer’s sometime’s these pop’s are very difficult to delete because those are having java function enabled and these message’s kept restarting your web browser by using java script.

 How To Disable Or Block Fake Warring’s And Pop up message’s in Internet Explorer 

Method 1: By Restarting your computer some time just only by restarting your computer you can easily fix these fake warring’s and pop up’s that are keep coming again and again.

Method 2 : Scan your computer with good malware program’s such as malware byte’s, super anti spyware and many more.

Method 3 : Turn on your internet explorer windows smart screen filter by going into settings. windows smart screen filter will block all the bad pop up’s and warring’s.

Method 4 : Open Task Manger and kill all running internet explorer file’s.

Method 5 ( Important) : Check your Internet Security Setting’s.

  1. Please Look At Your Computer Keyboard and then type “Windows Key + R” at the same time.
  2. Then One Run Window Will Pop Up.
  3. Then in the Run Windows start typeing inetcpl.cpl.
  4. Then Internet Option window will pop up.
  5. Then select the Security Menu from the top.
  6. Then Adjust Your Security Setting up moving your mouse cruiser  up and down.
  7. Then Final Click on the Advance Tab.
  8. Under Advance Tab Click On Restore Or ReseInternet Settings.

That’s How You can easily block Pop up and fake warring pop’s in Internet explorer if your problem is still not fixed then you can contact Internet Explorer Customer Service Department.

How to Fix Site Display Problem’s in Internet Explorer

  1. First Open Internet Explorer,
  2. Then select the Tools button ,
  3. Then After select Compatibility View settings.
  4. Under Add this website, enter the URL of the site you want to add to the list, and then select Add.

What is Error 403 in Internet Explorer And How To Fix ?

Error 404 means internet explorer can able to load website or Webpage but it is not able to access the webpage that can be because Internet explorer do not have permission to access file on server. You can solve this problem by clearing your browser cookies and temporary file’s or by upgrading your internet browser.

How To Reset Or Reinstall Internet Explorer 

By Resting or Reinstalling  your Internet Explorer can fix many problem’s such as slow browsing, unwanted add on’s and much more in this article we are going to tell you how can you easily reset or reinstall internet explorer in few minute’s.

Step 1 From your computer/laptop please press Windows + R 

Step 2 Then Run Box will be Pop Up.

Step 3 In the Run Windows Type inetcpl.cpl.

Step 4 Then Internet Option Window will pop up

Step 5 Click on Advance Tab from the top.

Step 6 Under Advance Tab Click and Choose Reset or Restore.

If you choose Reset my setting’s and delete custom settings that will completely delete your personal content such as history, cookies, saved password, external extension’s and much more.If your problem still won’t resolve you can contact Internet Explorer Customer Service.


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