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Amazon Prime Customer Service and Technical Support Number

Amazon Prime Customer Service


Contact Amazon Prime Customer Service and Technical Support Phone Number.Amazon Prime membership is a premium membership program by Amazon.If you have the subscription to Amazon then you can take many advantages of prime membership such as free one-day delivery get amazing discount coupons and exclusive deals.

Benefits of Amazon Prime membership.

Sharing with your Friends :

Do you have prime membership if not? contact amazon prime customer service to take benefits of your plan. because if you buy the Prime membership you can share your benefits with up to 4 persons.

Yes, we are right if you have only one plan still you can easily share your plan with your four friends. Your every friend can take benefit of free shopping, Free home delivery and many other benefits.

So if you want to take benefit of membership you can easily contact  Amazon Prime Customer Service and take advantage of your service.

Get Unlimited Cloud Storage.

That right if you have a subscription plan then you can take Advantage of Unlimited cloud storage such as you can upload unlimited Photo, Video’s  and lots of media storage documents.

So if you have unlimited cloud storage you can place all of documents, your phone clicked images and your video storage platform.

Listen Free Music anytime & anywhere.

That’s true, if you have a plan then you can listed free music anytime not only that music streaming quality is good with lighting speed.

So if do not have subscription you can get it by easily by calling amazon prime customer service.

 Love Grocery items.

If you love grocery items then you will love prime because it offers you free delivery on any grocery items. So now you can buy grocery items according your connivance.

For more details you can call on Amazon Prime Number.

Love to read Books on Kindle.

If you love books or if you want to explore your knowledge. Then you can avail your membership right now. Because if you have subscription you can rent any book on kindle store for free.

As we all know on Kindle we can read any book online and rent books for free. So if you rent any book then you will not charged any service.

How To Get Amazon Prime Membership – Free

If you are looking for free membership for one year then you are on the right side you can easily activate your service by contacting on Amazon prime customer care.

Step 1 : Login into your account.If you do not have then you can easily create that one for free.

Step 2 : Now open the offer page for activate and click on the “Sign up for free account“.

Step 3 : Fulfill your all requirements like your credit card, debit card etc.

Step 4 : After filling out all details you will get free membership for one month.

If you need more help then you can contact Amazon Prime Phone Number for help.

How to get Amazon Prime MembershipAmazon Prime Customer Service

General Support Question’s

How to watch Amazon Prime video on Android  TV.

How To Use Amazon Prime

If you are not able to watch your prime video on your android TV and your entertainment system is out of date for that first of all you have to download the app that can be downloaded on iPad or on iPhone.

Once your app is installed then you can install the same app on your T.V Once your app is installed then you can easily watch your video’s on your TV screen.

Amazon Prime Phone Number



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