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TP Link Router Customer Service Number

TP-Link Router Customer Support

General Tips For  TP Link Router :

Setting Up A Wireless Password : This is one of the most basic problem while setting up a wireless password. You Can Set Wireless Password By Login Into TP Link Router Account.

Setting Up Wireless Modem And Router : To install TP Link Wireless Router You Need To Follow Some Basic That is Given Below

Login into TP-Link Web Based Terminal 

  1. Then Please Select Your Wireless Area Network  ( WAN) Type
  2. You Can Change Wan To PPP0E
  3. Then Please Enter Your Username And Password That Is Given By Your ISP
  4. Then Please Click On The Save Settings

Forgot Wireless Password : To Change Wireless Password Need To Login Into Tp-Link Web based Terminal Under Web Based Terminal You Can Change Wireless Password.

How To Set Up TP-Link Wireless Router


  • You will need a Dial up Modem Connection
  • Your Internet Service Provider should Provide Static IP address.
  • Your Wireless Router support multiple port system.

Learn How To Set up an TP-Link Wireless Router.

Turn off Everything

The first and most important thing is first you have to make sure your every device is turn off like your computer, Modem, Router etc.

If they are not turn off please make all of your device’s off and do not connect with any electricity power.

Connect Your Modem to WAN Port

TP link customer service

In the Second step you have to connect your Modem to WAN Port that is for Wireless Area Network and then you have to connect LAN cable that is called Local Area Network to your Modem and Computer.

Turn On Every Thing

Then please turn on your Wireless Router, Modem and your computer again and then see light is blinking in your Wireless Router or Modem or not.


How To Set Up WiFi Network

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. Click on bottom Corner and Click on the Wireless Signal Option.
  3. Then Select your WiFi name and default password ( Default Name and Password is given in instruction manual)
  4. If you do not know your default password then you can also reset that.

That’s How you can easily set up your WiFi network if in case you are getting any problem then you can contact TP-Link customer service and Technical support phone number.



  • How to reach a live person:
    • Press 0 when it’s start recording
  • Hours of Operation:
    • 7am-12am EST ( Mon-Friday)
  • Waiting Time : 10-20 mins
  • Email :
  • Customer service link:
  • Main Company URL:
  • Phone : 1800 209 4168




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